Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hardware Happiness

Cabinet hardware is an accoutrement no less than a fabulous piece of jewelry.  Come to think of it, I’m confident that the question of hardware is in the top 5 frequently asked questions from our clients. With white cabinets still going strong, I feel compelled to offer up a few of my favorite hardware options.
Cremone Bolt

 Truth be told, this hardware is not a good idea for cabinetry that is going to be used often. This photo (above right), from the Princess Margaret Show Home, is a great example of using the hardware on a cabinet getting high visibility but little usage.

Prices typically range from $150 set and go up from there depending on size and materials. 

My second love belongs to a rugged little type called.....
Icebox Cupboard Latch Hardware 

These Christopher Peacock cabinets are stunning, especially with a mix of drawer pulls. You can get custom ice box latches from Wilmette Hardware.

This Restoration Hardware cabinet is so fun- I want to find a reason to buy this.


Okay- after flipping through the RH Baby and Child room gallery and feeling like my children clearly got the short end of the stick...Are we still talking about this? more

Lucite Handles
I know..nothing new but I do still love them. Jen and I did this one from The Paris Apartment in a Client's bathroom here:

And check out these beauties (below) from Patricia Gray's own kitchen. I couldn't find any mention of where they are from yet they are so fabulous.

 If you haven't already, I suggest you take a peek at Patricia's Featured Projects
She's rockin some pretty amazing interiors.

Most of our clients looking to make a move would not realize a good return on investment in adding hardware such as this to their cabinetry. However, if the house happens to be in the luxury market, we might want to discuss. If you're moving and looking for hardware, head over to the GO Blog and see what's happening in hardware,



  1. check out - these are ice box latches that we make in house!

    1. So GORGEOUS!!! Thank you geb, I updated the link

  2. thanks geb! it's too bad the wilmette hardware link under the ice box latches (above) don't link to the ice box website instead of to that cupboard latch.