Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Croc-o-licious Finds

I have, since my 8th grade brown croc embossed Calvin Klein shoes (I know I have a photo of them somewhere but I'm staying on task for now) had a major penchant for crocodile embossed ANYTHING. Lately it seems that my addiction has flared into a full blown distraction so let me take a minute to get this out of my system so I can move on to doing my taxes. ...ohh I should totally file them in my fun pink croc box!

Look at this croc leather from Edelman Leather-  Could this exist in the universe? YES!!
Is this even attainable? YES!!
The name says it all. Croco Loco Grande 

Color: Blue Grass

Green Grass

Color: Voodoo

As my son's room design progresses, I felt that he NEEDED this (yes a need) however, since he's only 11 years old and I don't think it would wear well amidst sword fights and farting putty (not to mention I don't have $6800 to spend on a bedroom dresser)

RL Brook Street Chest

I have decided to work with the vintage dresser he has, paint it high gloss black and I ordered this crocodile vinyl fabric on EBAY

 Which I will cover a mirror (probably purchased from homegoods or the likes) to try and get this look, for oh about $ 6 thousand dollars less than the original RL Home City Modern Mirror

I'll post photos of this situation soon.

Now, this one made me get the asthma inhaler out. That croc wallpaper is almost too much for me to handle. this WILL be in my next house- not even up for discussion.
Eric Roseff

Yes, this is greeting some lucky soul everyday. From Pinterest

Probably carries this Givency clutch

AK Interiors 
Ceasarstone Motivo

Walker Zanger Tile

So here are a couple of my croc finds that will soon be for sale in my store.
Found at Brimfield Fair: Croc trimmed vintage suitcases

Another Brimfield find: Croc leather vintage suitcase (even has a vintage Pan Am tag!)

 Okay, I'm feeling better. Thanks

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