Friday, January 13, 2012

The Genius of Jamie Beckwith

One day as Jen and I were yapping away about design ideas for a client, she sends me to the Jamie Beckwith collection to look at these projection tiles from a Candice Olson project (i think). I was totally blown away by Jamie's work and we've since decided they are for sure a "GO" in our client's room. It certainly helps to have an amazing space to work with but Jamie takes it to an entirely new level. Here are few of her absolutely genius designs...

These are the projection tiles, 3x3's in varying depths. 

Above the door in the pool house. (I die)

Really? The pool house??

Wine Cellar. - I'm sorry...WHAT???

No words.

The Enigma line

Embellished Projection - Colorful Agate
Colorful Geode
 Patina Copper

It will be a couple of months before we have photos of these 
tiles in our client's space however, I'll be sure to post.
Now every time I see scrap wood samples laying around different shops, 
I get that feeling in my gut that the possibilities are endless for those little scraps.

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