Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our work featured in a Joss Whedon Scripted Romance

A few weeks ago Jen and I were enlisted to help scout two house locations in which to shoot a feature film written by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), called In Your Eyes. We were happy to do so since we do love to nose around through everyone's homes.

After a long day of looking with Director Brin Hill and his fabulous crew, exhausting every house we could come up with in Southern NH (that was their request), we gave it one last hurray and took them to our client's home in Windham, NH. Out of all of the homes, this is the one at Jen and I have worked on the most, having spent the past 2 years designing extensive renovations. We were almost in process of installing a glass staircase but thankfully- it was delayed which freed up the house for filming!

The movie films in the rooms that Jen and I renovated so I thought I would post some before and afters to get us even more excited for the movie release. (It will go to Cannes Film Festival first.)

Okay here is the lovely BEFORE of the living room:

We wanted to reface that stone fireplace in a steel treated veneer so we drew out the template and Magma Metal Works did a fabulous job with the steel.

(design disclosure: our client added that black bird and those dot pillows ;)

During filming:

BEFORE of the family room:

After renovation: (with Client's existing furniture, new furniture is coming!)

During filming: (They used the new Roche Bobois furniture we ordered for the basement. ;)

View more renovation photos of our client's home here

The kiddos also got to skip school for the day and be extras in the snow sledding scenes

More to come as we get word on the film. And p.s.s- they also chose another house in Windham that Jen staged and is currently on the market. 
Listed at $1.4M

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