Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Planter Box

Decorating my own house gets pushed to the bottom of my to-do list ever since I started my design company. But before I get on that tangent, I'll skip to one of my most pressing complaints which is my front porch. So today as I passed through the door I decided seriously, I can't take it anymore. And since I'm looking- I might as well do a post about it.

So I'm looking for an orangerie box planter...

image via Jardins du Roi Soleil
The Château de Versailles orange-tree box is a patented adaptation of the garden boxes created in 1670 by André Le Nôtre for the growing of orange-trees at the Château de Versailles under the reign of Louis XIV.

They are still for sale today, each one numbered and made at Jardins du Roi Soleil- and OH mon dieu, I cannot afford one therefore I will move on...right after these 3 photos.-  i mean c'mon. My house is so not worthy.

(images via Jardins du Roi Soleil)

Okay thus begins delima:  Love this one:
From Mecox Gardens, $4,150 :(

These are gorgeous- still no can do at $1450 ea
Deborah Silver
 Okay now we are talking...
Thos Baker $385 large Chiswick planter

Thos Baker set of two! $229 but way too small

Paris Planter $595

Or I could do a trough shape. (what I have now but too small)
Restoration Hardware $775 perfect dimensions.

 Restoration Hardware $595 - love this one and it's the right height.

Okay- after some thought and measuring. I'm going with the Thos Baker large Chiswick Planter. yep.
Any thoughts??


  1. I love the Paris Planter. It seems to be the closest to the Mecox Gardens planter you were originally attracted to. Can you tell me where to find it? (the Paris?)

  2. www.simplyplanters.con has the Paris planter