Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Daytrip Design: Zimman's

As it often goes around here, we just signed a design contract for a small model home needing to be installed in 3 weeks. This type of staging is what we call "partially staged" because only the main rooms of the unit (LR, KT, DR, MB) are decorated and there are no window treatments. 
This typically isn't an issue to pull a design plan together in such a short time, however this time, Jen and I are both traveling all next week! That means- we basically have 3 days to get everything floor planned, 
ordered and scheduled for delivery on the 27th.
So...insert design panic attack.
No time to order fabric for pillows and have them whipped up at the workroom so- 
This calls for a trip to Zimman's in Lynn, MA.

Zimman's offers 4 floors of designer "selected" fabrics and passementerie, furnishings, accessories, lighting, rugs and custom products. The first time I walked into this place, my heart seriously went into full overload. 

There are fabrics everywhere! And not a bunch of cutsie-crafty crap, but good selections. Loving this fabric with houses on it, although I never buy house themed things, I do love this for pillows- it's so fun. And obsessed with dragons.

Need pillow fabric for my own bedroom. UM yes!! 70's vibe- I'm in.

Love this too...

Up to 2nd floor... Holy "need it now!" overload.

Had to breathe through this section and at this point had no idea what I was even looking for anymore.

 DYING over these prints!

Never met a foo dog lamp I didn't like and turquoise to boot?? Sold.

If you haven't been to Zimman's, it's a don't miss in Massachusetts for fabric and great furniture.
Love the pillows and love the lamp in my bedroom. (bad night photo- will take a  better one tmo)

Didn't find the right fabric we needed for the model home pillows at Zimman's, but
did end up over-nighting a special order. Stay tuned...

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