Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy here and now

I was going through some old photos of my house decor, back when I worked in the corporate world, and had a major epiphany. Although my furniture was surely lacking, my house actually looked cleaner and 100% more put together than it does today with me running my own business and doing design for a living! What could be going on? I used to work 9-6pm, with little babies, a 1-2 hr (depending on traffic) commute, and a husband that was working most evenings. Then it occurred to me. This was before social networking. Now here's how I feel:

Wrapping up a kitchen reno in my own house, in addition to working on a few big budget projects over the past couple of months, has basically sent me into a spin to redo every room in my house. The problem is that I really haven't finished any of the rooms upstairs and not sure why, but I seem to have a creative paralysis when it comes to designing my own house. Perhaps because my taste level has become unattainable for my budget? Maybe I'm just tired? Or because I get sucked into writing the blog, Facebook, Twitter, my website and Pinterest and I don't get anything done anymore!

Then fast forward to last night, as I was pouring over the creative-mind-boggling photos on Pinterest, and instead of feeling inspired I started noticing the comments about "my future house" and "someday"...
And I started thinking- too bad so many of us aren't appreciating the great things about our houses right now. And in the "staging arena" of my job, I feel like I'm constantly telling people;
"Your house isn't good enough- it's not working". 
Now obviously that is not my actual delivery, but I bet that's how they hear it.
As if the moving isn't stressful enough.

It's like when my husband says "You are so beautiful" and 
I hear "If you could drop 15 lbs...".
Oddly, I don't even have photos posted of my own house because there is always something undone, under construction, a chair missing, a pile of pillows or some random  piece of furniture in the middle of the room awaiting it's place. I rarely invite people over because I feel like it's too chaotic and frankly, my house is a mess. See! -Again, I'm always putting it down.

Anywho, this whole observation of myself and sooo many of my friends and family looking for validation through social media, and the paralysis it has seemingly brought into my creative process led me to think;
"I need to find and focus on the things I do love about my house." 
I know, no big idea there, but for me, the ultimate perfectionist, and never being satisfied, it's pretty major.There must be a couple of good spots so, here's what I came up with. 
I know there are only a few's a start. I'll post the kitchen photos soon.
My favorite spot to sit and look at my glass octopus. :)= happiness

I do love this chair and fuzzy West Elm pillows.

So I'm going to try really hard to appreciate the here and now and stop obsessing about my future house and every little detail I want to change up in my house right now. The fact is, I have the best husband, 2 healthy and fabulous kids and the best dog ever. Life is good and gets better every day.
What are your favorite spots in your house? I'd love to see them posted on our Facebook page!
And this leads me to my next post on the GO BLOG.

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