Monday, July 30, 2012

Daytrip design: TERRAIN in Westport CT

While doing a little home staging in Westport, CT today, 
I happened into what has now become my newest favorite store...Terrain. 
Now when I tell you this store will blow your mind- I'm not kidding, and I do ALOT of 
shopping so trust me ya'll, you MUST go if you are in the area. 
Their website does not do this store justice's a little peek.
I took a gazillion photos. 

The first thing I said to myself upon entering was, 
"This is like the Anthropologie of plant stores!"
I later found out, that they are owned by the same company which owns 
Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie brands. 

LOVE this bag.

These crates are for sale!!

They have my favorite fiberglass planter boxes (my previous post) and most are under $200!
These are not online so you'll have to call the store if you're interested.
( or hire me to get it ;)

Umm, prepare yourself for these... 
I'll be preparing the hubs to get them out of the truck I'm bringing next trip. true story

 As much as I wanted to sit in the outdoor cafe, I was intoxicated by what was inside!

Little match sticks in a little jar! Everything is better in a jar really.

In addition to all things plant-ish, they carry a FABULOUS bath line.

You can also find kitchen goods- seriously good.

An assortment of chalk boards <3 

The little boot door knocker is flippin' adorable!!!

Had to have this ceiling light

Checking out with my light and my new plant. (Potted Norah Salix)

 So much more. You must go!! Trust me- it's worth it.

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