Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stay Home or Go Glamping!

The kids want to go camping and for me, the "not-so-domestic type", this immediately poses some interesting questions. I don't like to clean, cook, or be too hot or cold, sooo, certainly not wanting to do ALL of those things outdoors. This was fun when we lived in Albuquerque, NM and even better when we lived in Colorado but now? I'm older and more spoiled than ever. I'm totally up for it of course because being with the kids and Ralphie always means a blast but just as I'm thinking how I can decorate the back of my s.u.v into sleeping quarters... 
I remember

So in case they want to rent the little camper like Oprah did, here's my gig.

Penguin Book deck chair, cute little camper from Lazy Jo Ranch, Tory Burch fedora & just in case J Crew wellies.

 Perhaps a vintage Ralph Lauren Airstream? Okay- I'm in.

No camper? A tent you say? 

No? More rustic?

No? More rustic?

I die over these little cabins at The Martyn House in Georgia. 
(And while in GA, Hello Lee Kleinhelter- sure there's time)

Roasted marshmallows are in my top 10 fave foods. So- yes on that idea. 

What? They say it must be a tent! If we must.

Oh right, it's too hot...

OMG- I found the perfect tent from Glam Camping Company
And the best thing is that we're not camouflaged in case..(searching) well, we don't want people to shoot at us! duh

Hello? I love camping. Let's get this show on the road. ;)

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