Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outdoor Furniture & Design- Get ahead in the Fall!

As Fall approaches, (my favorite time of year!) I am finally getting around to planning my back yard space. This house has taken me forever because we are NEVER home, between me working on client's homes, having 2 kids and husband that also works like crazy. But finally, it's time and one of my last lose ends before the house will be ready to sell. 
Since my post on planter boxes is my most popular post, I thought i would share some of the processes and sources I am using for the outdoor space design and furniture.

I started with fabulous Landscape Designer Angie Verge @ AV Garden Design
She gave me the plan of attack with a full list of what to plant, where, on my budget and knowing that I have no business caring for high maintenance plantings. 
Since some of these can be best planted now, I better get moving.
Now I've got the plan for the yard.

 The deck is pretty big and is in okay shape but I hate the railings. I am planning to take the railing off and install a Chippendale style railing. This is my favorite style and I can say without doubt that 
I have NEVER met a Chippendale style railing I didn't die over.

@ Pinterest via Martensen Jones Interiors

I actually have a large recessed platform for a hot tub yet, 
I'm considering making it a warming firepit area instead.  

 Image via Thomas J. Story

I'll be getting some fabulous planters for sure, which reminds me...
You MUST see the absolutely stunning gardens from Robin Kramer Garden Design 
Robin has totally inspired me to have some ornamental hedges

 And I'm totally planting some giant alliums

When it comes to outdoor furniture, this is an easy one because I absolutely love the line we offer called Skyline Design. Our clients from Nantucket to Rhode Island -to- Boston to Maine love it! 
Here's what is going on my deck.

And a little of this over by the warming pit.

Most of our clients start getting excited about outdoor furniture buying right around the same time every year. Can you guess when?
Yes-Right before (like 3 weeks before)the 4th of July.
 Our phones start buzzing and everyone wants the same thing; outdoor dining sets, traditional look with a modern twist, Restoration Hardware but a better value. If you missed the pre-spring boat, late summer is a great time to order your outdoor furniture.  Not to mention, how great is it to snuggle with hot cocoa and a fire in the New England Fall weather!

AHHH- I cannot wait for Fall! And to get this yard done.


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