Monday, September 24, 2012

Modern Makeover: Basement Renovation

After many months of designing as well as acting as General Contractors on this large renovation, Jennifer and I can FINALLY share our finished product! This home has been our "baby" for the past 2 years, going through quite a transformation, including being used as a character home in Joss Wheadon's film, "In Your Eyes."   I've waited to post these photos since I hate reading blog posts on unfinished projects- I'm such an instant gratification junkie, I just can't stand the suspense.

These fabulous "after" photographs were taken by the talented Sarah Winchester.

In the basement:
Backstory- Our client travels often and wanted a "hotel vibe", reminiscent of the W Hotel. 


 The fireplace was covered in large slabs of Antarctica Granite. 

 Cork flooring perfectly suits this uneven basement floor.

 After searching for close to one year for high gloss cabinetry that comes from the US, doesn't absolutely blow the budget, but does however blow your mind with fabulous-ness, we are thrilled for our first installation of our new custom line of high gloss-lacquer cabinetry. This stuff is perfection.
This is a gray finish with a darker gray inset within the cubby features. 

New Bathroom

BEFORE (This was the previous owner's photo, not our current client's before)







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