Friday, September 28, 2012

Zara Home Online is Coming!

October 9th- Get ready for a much more accessible shopping experience to Zara Home. Last week I had the pleasure of visiting this store while in Spain and holy leopard madness! If I could have filled an additional suitcase for home, I would have. The prices are FABULOUS and their merchandise is really great. The photos online do not do this store justice at all. Especially for their bedding, duvets and throws. They look so much more sophisticated in person. And with that said, I thought I'd share my favorite goods in store and since I saw them in person, I totally recommend!

First, let's just get the cat out of the bag and discuss the leopard mania happening here. 
Here are my must have's but seriously, all is good- yes, it's a problem for many of us.

I bought this and SERIOUSLY ADORE! (not for smoking of course, but jewelry rather)
Noticed it's sold out UK online- so if you see immediately. So worth it. $17.99ish!

Had to grab these leopard slippers!
Speaking of placemats, I bought these snakeskin sequined mats and
 they are so fun and very sparkly in person!

This woven basket comes in different sizes and I so wanted it.
Not suitcase friendly but totally order worthy!


In the suitcase.
 I fell in love with the Mara-Lena Oro bedding. Cannot wait to use!

Great horn accessories!

And lastly, the Praga lamp shade. So happening. 

October 9th ya'll.

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