Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Words: Carriage Doors

I have dream. Carriage doors. 
Actually, dutch doors, or barn stall doors, just any of them- anywhere.
In any space, if you want to create a stunning ambiance, add some carriage doors to the mix and you have instant fabulous. I dream of having a gorgeous home on Nantucket, strolling out to feed baby animals, walking in super fun wellies, preppy shorts and stripes. While the hubs is watching football, I am dreaming about this...

The dog snuggles with little bunnies, yes he does.

I love the interiors at the Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport, Connecticut. 
They used barn stall doors as a room divider
and knocked it out of the park with the vibe inside. You should go! 
And, I should design their next restaurant- wink, wink.

Dutch door awesomeness


More barn stalls used in the interior. This is the now Gweneth Paltrow home, designed by Windsor Smith and I've mentioned before, my favorite house of all time. If you haven't checked it out- it's a must.

You know Gweneth probably has a baby giraffe running around. Why wouldn't she.

I would have at least 3 more Coton de Tulear pups...


Just a bunch of love.


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