Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Interior Illusions

Today I have to take a minute to share the work of one of my absolute favorite artists, Leandro Erlich. Throughout my day, I am constantly looking for a unique perspective. Leandro's work challenges the viewer's idea of reality with creative brilliance, pushing the boundaries of everyday spaces. Leandro feels 'that reality is something we are dealt, and the final product of what is reality, is a matter of major construction made by us.'

His work is truly an inspiration to stay open minded to new concepts and challenge your first perspective.

Here are some of his incredible installations:

Leandro uses the reflection in a mirror placed on the ground to create an illusory facade of a building. The visitor is then invited to physically explore the illusion by playing on the reflection.


 This installation of a room with an acrylic ceiling and swimming pool exterior surface is on permanent collection at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan.

Monte-Meubles. L'Ultime déménagement (2012)
Le Voyage à Nantes 2012, Nantes, Franc

The Chairman's Room

The Shattering Door

The Staircase

See more of Leandro's work here:

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