Monday, August 5, 2013

Inspired Design

The summer is flying by and we have been busier than ever with floor planning new model home designs. The real estate market is bustling and we have been shopping like crazy for a few upcoming projects. Shopping for a project is great and I would NEVER complain about the fabulous job I have, and yet, it does bring about a little over-stimulation in the brain. I'm constantly looking for new designers and inspiration that is attainable and stylish but doesn't fall into the "mass-blog-it", "mass-pin-it" world.

 Although trendy, I have a slight addiction to things with a link pattern. So, when I saw this piece of art  by a artist Jordan Carlyle, I had to purchase a version for my own home.

While looking through Jordan's portfolio, I discover that he is also an interior designer with fantastic taste and timeless style. I also noticed that there have been plenty of popular blog posts about him, so I guess I'm late to this party. :) Perhaps redundant, I decided to post anyway because I'm psyched about getting this artwork!

His designs have a modern sexiness, without tipping in a gender specific direction. I think he has some great styling ideas and I'm certainly inspired by his mix of modern with a classic twist. Check out his portfolio at Carlyle Designs.

Love this idea for an entry table.

Imagine taking a small, white room to a whole new level with this!

Honestly, gray grasscloth never gets tired.

GREAT update idea for oak stairs!! That gray railing, that runner, that grasscloth! 

All images from Jordan's website. 
He has a collection of beautiful art and furnishings. A must see.

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