Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catching the winter blues, dark spots and gold fever. - YES!

With leopard print getting a little too much play time lately, and the neutral palette getting tired, I'm ready to splash winter with some fun prints and color. Jewel tones with a pop of black and white, dalmatian print as the new leopard, and gold is, well...as good as gold.
It's a new take on the "winter blues".

 Meredith Heron


Both images via Erin Williamson
Her blog is fabulous and she is so talented.

via Pinterest

We've been using this West Elm piece to death lately. 
With tons of colored pillows, I have to say, it's not getting old any time soon.
Or some colored art with the dalmatian pillow.

David Moreno

Great pillow resource from Arianna Belle

via Pinterest

It's time to change into that winter pallet. What is yours going to look like this year?


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