Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Bargains & Home Staging Ideas

Goodbye September and hello Fall in New England. It's always fun to see what's trending in home decor when shop floors transition to their fall decor. I'm going to try and be much better at snapping good photos of the finds we pick up while sourcing for clients. Last week, I took a quick trip to Ikea and found some really fun and major bargains. I actually got quite a few bargains last week, plus a couple of infatuations that may lead to a future relationship. <3

First off, found this bench online at Home Decorators. This peacock blue color is fabulous and the price is even better. $127 vs. $720
And, I got that black and white cow hide rug at Ikea for $199. Ma-jor bargain. 
We've been paying double for these from wholesale brokers. 

From Ikea, I am absolutely obsessed with this little desk lamp called the Ranarp.
I couldn't find it on the Ikea website but I purchased at the store in Stoughton, MA. 
It has a great black and white striped cord, and the brass is much shinier in person. 
It's flippin' adorable. $39.99 !! :o

And,  Ikea had no other than Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees for.....are you ready...
$12.99. Seriously?? My cart looked like this.

These 2 items are on the most wanted list.

Must find a place for this and I'm thinking the studio??

and loving this little knock off:

Bought this fun door knocker at TJMaxx

Bought this great art at Homegoods

Obsessed with the antique brass drape rods at West Elm. (shown with white Ikea drape panels) 
They need to start making the skinny rods ASAP! I know you can order similar online but 
West Elm = easy for me. :) 

Now hurry, go buy a fig tree and then check out our PINTEREST board for home staging ideas!

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