Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Design Movement: Moroccan Elements

I love the energy and anticipation the end of the year brings. I realize we're just now welcoming the Fall however, as I look at my design boards and planning for 2014, I see a big movement happening. For the last 2 years, we've had a huge mid century modern influence, along with our life long love of all things chinoiserie. In the past few months, we have tried to move away from big box design and literally get out more. The inundation of seeing the same design on social media has me crazy. In doing this, I did a little social media "house cleaning" if you will. I call it, cleaning out the "stale mates". Otherwise known as, removing those no longer interesting "Liked" pages or follows, and really getting out of my bubble. Finding new influences and moving forward. This has been so inspiring! 

This new movement has inspired a growing obsession with Moroccan elements in design. This global influence, colliding with our mid century vibe, is bringing such a new excitement to our hunger for something new. It's not that new really, and of course, the West Coast is way ahead of us on this one, but we're loving it and looking forward to more. The great thing about global influence is that so many of the products are sources from souks and markets, it's easy to find unique items that you won't see all over the internet. That's good stuff.

Here are the photos that are inspiring my design board lately: 

OBSESSED with this home for sale. That tub! Complete with champagne bucket. 

These photos via El Ramla Hamla (I've messaged them about ordering info.)

Francis Elkins

via Lonny Mag

Imports from Marrakesh

via El Ramla Hamra

via Pinterest

Via El Ramla Hamra. I LOVE those poufs!!
DIY anyone??

via Calypso St Barth

via Pinterest

Moroccan Wedding blankets? Yes, buy them!
via Calypso St Barth

via El Ramla Hamra

via Elle Decor

via Elle Decoration

via Gary Gibson

We are currently taking orders for this fabulous Pom Pom Blanket! (3-4 wks ship time)
Contact us for ordering info.

And, in other news, the FABULOUS Sarah Winchester is moving into the studio!
Our studio is getting a makeover and the Slim Aaron's photo is moving to my living room :)
Stay tuned for our new studio look!

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