Friday, January 24, 2014

The Year of Photography

Great art never goes out of style.
I think this should be the year of buying fabulous art. Whether it's framing an architectural photograph you took on your smart phone or finding a quirky painting at the antique market.  Gone should be the generic "box store" artwork. With resources like Etsy, online art auctions, and the ease of printing our own photos, there is no excuse to have meaningless art in our lives.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
― Pablo Picasso

I love adding a little irony to a room through artwork, especially mixing old and new.   We have some great projects on the books for this year so, I thought I'd take you on my journey to find meaningful art.  Beauty that greets us with heart, touches the soul, and takes us to a happy place;
 our very own home.

I'm always inspired by photographs in unexpected spaces. 
(still in love with my Slim Aaron's photograph

 The newest JK Place in Rome is full of gorgeous modern art.

My fabulous friend and photographer Sarah Winchester is the "go-to" artist for amazing photographs.
She took this photo in Paris and translated it into this amazing piece.. it's 4 x 6 ft on acrylic!
She has a huge library of gorgeous photos and I cannot wait for our next installation.

Photo Credit Sarah Winchester

This photograph used in this room by Mary McDonald has always been one of my all time faves.

For this look, Jonathan Adler is killing it right now with his collection of Slim Aaron's prints.

This seaside photo by Christian Chaize.

Packaged in an archival portfolio, a Praia Piquinia Subscription by Christian Chaize can be delivered to your door. I would love to frame the whole series in a big, bright room with a view.

Available for approx. $900. More info. and prints for as little as $60 on
or buy the hardcover book for $25!

The best thing about photography and our super, smarty camera phones, is that we can capture our own shot and frame it for very little cost. The best art happens in daily life. Go ahead- give it a shot.

Here is a photo I took on vacation that I think could be fun. 

Hello Instagram.

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