Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Inspired Design: Eric Olsen

ARCHITECT + DESIGNER, Eric Olsen is designing some brilliant spaces. Perusing through Eric's project list, there are so many fabulous mixtures of stone and reclaimed wood ideas

There are a few design elements that I know are on my "must have" list for my new home and Eric showcases some of these with absolute perfection.
California design influence typically makes it's way to the North East with a slow and subtle force, so I just have to share some of the homes from Eric's website.  They are just so so good. 

One of favorite elements! Gray window frames!!

Those exterior doors!! 

Check out Eric Olsen's website here.

Interested in getting the reclaimed wood look on a ceiling or a wall however, need an easy solution? Perhaps covering a popcorn ceiling or textured wall? 
We love this product called Stikwood! Super easy to install and looks fabulous. 

Stikwood wall installation

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