Monday, October 20, 2014

Staging A Home With Current Trends

Selling your home can be a tricky process. When prepping your home through staging, the strategy is about updating your home to appeal to the widest audience

But, how do you make your home look "on trend" without being so trendy that you only appeal to a small audience? How do you keep your home's decor "neutral" without being too dull?
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Staying current in your home's decor without tipping the scale over to too trendy can be a tough balance. It's true that keeping it neutral is a good strategy for staging your home however, adding some memory points is the key to capturing a buyer. When we stage a home, we start with discovering who the likely buyer will be (we work with the Realtor), and answering some questions about the targeted buyer. 
(Notice we don't ask about the Seller's preferences.)
  • What type of buyer is this? A first home, a trade up, an early nester, etc.
  • What type of lifestyle are they looking for?
  • Where do they shop? What shelter magazines do they read?
Why does this matter? This is the lifestyle we want to capture. Picture your home as a blank neutral canvas, and let's add in the elements of the BUYER's desired lifestyle. 

We want to turn up the personal volume of the Buyer, turn down the volume of you, the Seller. The point of adding in some trends is for your buyer to recognize what they WANT.
They'll say things like:
"Oh! I just saw that in the new Pottery Barn catalog and I want it!
"Oh look, they have our old table."

So let's get to some ideas on how to keep it neutral while adding in a few subtle (new and hot) trends.

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I get it, "You're still living in the house!" How do you live there and have kids and dogs and laundry and life, all the while worrying about keeping the house perfect for the new buyers?? I know. Keep in mind; selling your house is inconvenient. The goal in staging is to shorten the selling time, thus shortening the time you and your family are inconvenienced. 

Utilize these staging tactics and stay positive! 
Focus on your new house and don't take your staging personal. 
You're onto the next chapter in your story. Enjoy it!

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