Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Best Exterior Lighting for Selling Your Home

Nothing perks up the front of a house like sparkling entry lights and a fresh coat of paint on the door. When you're selling your home, the entryway is where your buyer begins their emotional roller coaster of either "oohs & ahhs" or "mehs and blahs".

Every home staging consultation we do begins at the front door. (well actually, the front yard but...) This is where the buyer begins making their list of what needs to be changed or what is just right. The easiest way to "get it right" is to start with updating the exterior lighting. The catch is, you're selling, so you certainly don't want to spend one dime more than necessary to get a good impact. (Save your money for your new home!)

In the North East, we tend to see more traditional, Colonial homes and whoa have we seen our fair share of "builder brass" wall sconces. My tip for staging is to buy lights that are medium to large in size and keep it super simple. Wondering what color?
A black finish is ALWAYS a safe bet. And stay true to the style of your house. If your house is craftsman style, buy a craftsman light. But Colonial does not mean "Colonial". (see photo above)  The new traditional is simple, sleek and doesn't have ornate curly designs. 
I'm also not a fan of stained glass or frosted glass. A clear glass sparkles like a diamond.

Today's lantern lights are a great way to mix old world and transitional design. I love how they did their house number in a nice modern font, mixed with a killer black door in this photo below.

If you've never updated your exterior lights, now could be a great time to give your house some new jewelry. If you've got a porch light in addition to wall sconces, even better! I love big hanging lights and coordinating sconces together. It makes such an impact.

If you're buying a new home, hopefully, the sellers have already checked this off your "need to change" on your new house list. However, if not, buying a really fabulous light can be an easy way to add personal style to your new home. This one from Urban Electric is one of my fave's.

If you're selling, here is a list of great exterior lights that won't break the bank. (These aren't my favorite lights for your new house, this is a list of lights with a good look for a great price) Remember not to buy the small size, go bigger. And keep in mind, your entry should be worthy of your list price. If your home is over $600k, you should have some worthy lighting. :) 

Here are some faves: (Updated 8/30/2017)

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