Friday, January 30, 2015

New House Inspiration

Well, I don't about you guys but these snow storms are really adding some clean up tasks to my staging plans. So, in light of being snowed in here, I think it's important to stay positive and inspired. Whether that means reading your favorite book, binge watching your favorite shows or decorating a room, it's important to carve out some fun, "soul" time.

For me, that means working on my new house. It's been so much fun sharing my design ideas with my Architect and watching them come to life on construction docs. Seriously, I could do it all day, everyday. Although I certainly have a budget, it's been a fun challenge to come up with ways to make it happen without losing my {way over budget} vision.

It was an interesting experience having a blank piece of paper in front of me and thinking, "Okay, what style of house do I want?." As a designer, I didn't realize how connected to Belgian architecture I am until I started this process. My new house is chock full of Belgian influence. From the carriage style garage doors to the tall ceilings, it will certainly speak to my Belgian heritage, married to an Italian of course! Here are some favorite photos that I've used as inspiration in translating my dream elements throughout the house in one way or another. I'm excited to see how things play out.

Via Tristan Auer

I absolutely love this wood flooring. Since it is quite pricey, 
I'm doing 3 sets (photo above = one set) within the center of the foyer. 
 Tabarka Studios
Finally, I'll have a library room. Black or dark navy.
Via The Design Daredevil
The underside of the 2nd floor landing will be exposed like this..

Marble, wood, black and brass. 

Via One of my favorite Tumblrs Bungalow Classic

Two of these steel doors are going in! {entrance to mudroom, exit to courtyard}

Lots of Indigo

Check out my PINTEREST board of more inspired design.
Monday's snow day will consist of cleaning and continuing the staging challenge.

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