Thursday, February 5, 2015

Farmhouse Renovation

In an effort to improve at adding photos of our everyday projects, I'm going to do more of these posts since #1 I have a gazillion of them, and #2, there are a lot of really good ideas out there and I think y'all might want to see them.

I've posted some photos of this house here and there, but I thought I would try to share all of them.
So, I staged this house a few months back in Bedford, NH that sold right away, and was chock-full of nicely appointed elements. It was an old farmhouse, built in 1910. Here's the "before" renovation:


Although I staged the house for sale, I was not involved in the renovation process but I thought I'd share some photos of the house after the renovation and during the staging process. They did a great job and incorporated some really good ideas. Here are some photos...

Open stairs from the 2nd floor to the basement level

Love the mix of siding, shingles, metal and asphalt

Master Bath tile

Similar Lighting HERE

Love the copper trim detail

Basement with painted concrete, original stone, built-ins & wood ceilings.

Mudroom with a vinyl handscraped wood look-a-like. {Was actually really great!}

Wood flooring in the garage? Interesting.

There are actually more photos if you're up for it. You can see them on our HOUZZ page here.

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