Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Week 7- Creating A Fun-Factor in the House

Here we are in week SEVEN of our staging challenge!
Okay, we are snowed in again here in New England so most of us are going stir crazy AND we have more snow coming again!! Since many of you may not have snow and are still going strong with checking off the tasks on the master list, I wanted to make a "2-fer" post.
This week we're going to tackle adding a Fun-Factor in the house. This will
1) Give those of us with cabin fever something to do after we finish the project.
2) Create an area in the house that solicits a happy, fun-filled-family vibe for potential buyers to emotionally connect with.

Whether you have kids or not, creating a "fun-zone" in the house can have a big emotional impact on potential buyers. Another great benefit of creating this space is that it can occupy an area in the house that you may not have a use for, or an area that needs some pizzazz.  For example, a corner of the basement that looks dusty and cold, an extra bedroom that needs a little something, or an empty bonus room. I'm going to create this area on one side of my basement because, although the space is finished, it's à la 1970's and I don't plan on doing a full renovation. I'm just going to strip it down, paint it white and stage it up with a whole lotta fun. I'll post photos of the process but for now, let's get inspired....

How much fun is this ping-pong table?? I have to re-create a version of this in my basement. I love the stools tucked in below and the cheery choice of colors. {designed by Erika Powell, photo via }
This table would be super easy to re-create and inexpensive. A great way to get a big bang for short money. 

I just love this whole look for a basement. Model homes are great because if done well, they demonstrate spaces that appeal to a wide audience. This room could appeal to families with kids, with teens, lots of friends or a big adult family. That's the goal with creating a fun space. The key to selecting colors is to stay with muted tones. Big bold colors can be tricky. Soft colors in small doses are a much better bet when staging. 

Have an empty space in the family room? It doesn't always have to be kid fun. A game table tucked in a corner is a really nice way to capture a large audience. 

Get the look HERE

We'll get into staging the house with greater detail as we move further into our challenge. I'll be posting a little more later in the week on more tips and tricks for getting things organized.

Happy Humpday. 

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