Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 12: The Do's & Don'ts in Home Staging

Week 12: Home Staging Challenge

I actually hate blogs posts about what's in and what's out, what "should" you have in your home and what should you not have in your home. If you are living in your home and not planning to sell, I say
"Do whatever the heck makes you happy! It's your house, it's your life!"

With that said, the nature of my business finds me offering up advice on how to best merchandise a home for sale. Statistics have shown us that there actually are some tried and true tactics in decorating that can help advance the sale of a home. Just like merchandising any product, a house can benefit from some smart staging solutions. Home staging is about styling a home so that it appeals to the widest audience. Here are a few decorating strategies that have proven to work well in any market.

This is a Home Depot top seller and a home staging top "NO-NO".
Home Depot has a nice article on lighting trends HERE

From Overstock!

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