Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week 11: Simple Home Staging Strategies

Exterior clean up is not feasible for some us right now due to snow cover however, it is really important. Get your lawn clean up scheduled now because when the snow melts, the calendar will be booked up for short notice calls. Give your home a clean and inviting look on the outside by implementing these tactics:
- Make sure your sales sign is well-maintained . DO NOT be a "secret seller" with no For Sale sign. (Read this)
- Landscaping is clear of dead plants, fallen branches, and trash.
- Leave your porch lights on to shine and invite.
- Sidewalks to door are clean and in good repair. (Check along drive where the plow has scraped the yard)
- Outdoor furniture is clean, organized and arranged in a purposeful manner.
- Porches are swept and free of clutter.
- Paint is in good condition (especially around the entrance)

Here are some tips for enhancing the interior:

 - Give your home an updated look by taking out some of what’s already there and leaving some empty space, or by replacing several small accent pieces with one larger piece.
- Freshen wall color- wall color when selling should typically be a neutral gray or beige. If you have a color, it should be appealing to your target audience- not necessarily you.  Tip: Gold and burgundy room colors are dated. To see a nice post on going to gray, click here. 
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- Don’t want to remove the old wallpaper? Guess what??? Your buyer doesn't either. The more projects you have for the new buyers to do, the less likely they are to be excited about buying your house.
- Remove shabby furniture and create intimate spaces with less furniture.  (Practice room arrangements with our online room planner)   
- Replace old, worn rugs with indoor/outdoor- natural rugs for an inexpensive swap. (check out these options from Dash & Albert, Ballard Designs, Homegoods has them too!)
- Clear all items from window sills and lighten up window treatments. If you purchase new treatments, save money by avoiding valances over panels. (Valances are very much a personal preference. Better to leave them off.)  Solid panels are best and in a linen or white. 
- Home d├ęcor items should be purposeful, not personal. Personal photos should not be over or on the fireplace mantel. Think of other decor items that can make a statement without telling a story about you.

Other tips:
Evaluate your energy message. Big houses can mean big utility bills. Make sure you highlight any and every energy saver appliance, heating or cooling systems. How does it pay to buy your home? If your home is small- highlight the energy savings of small space- big savings.

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