Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 13: Home Staging Essentials

Now that we've gotten through most of the prep work, or at least have help scheduled and on the way, it's time to get staging. Remember, the goal in staging is to merchandise your house according to your Buyer's preference. With that said, there are some key decor pieces that translate well in any house, regardless of price. These pieces are what I call the "staging essentials". Whether you have a tiny apartment or a luxury residence, these key pieces are relevant. The only catch is that the decor should be worthy of the price point. As the price increases, the furnishings follow.
Buyers are looking for a new, fabulous reflection of themselves, not a worn out version of you.

Ready, set, let's take the tour room by room.


{You can find a decorative bowl and similar decorative jar at Homegoods}

Family Room

Family Room


The key here is cleanliness. Nice new white towels and a clean, simple faux floral. A nice pop of color in the floral is good however, think spa color. Stay away from red, roses, old faux flowers and multi colored vases.

These are the basic staging essentials. What about the bedroom? What about the dining room? Sure, those rooms should be staged appropriately. As a matter of fact, if it's out, it should be purposefully staged. The basics in staging are the "must-haves". If the house is vacant, these are the essentials to help the home sell faster. If the house is not vacant, these are the key elements to pay close attention to. It may seem silly but keep in mind, the dollars are in the details. These basics will go a long way in staging your home to get top dollar in the marketplace. Happy Selling!!

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