Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mixing It Up In Kitchen Decor

There are probably few people on earth that don't think about how they would change their kitchen. The excitement of planning a new kitchen can be daunting because there are so many fabulous ideas, it's so hard to pick a style. I love the kitchens that really mix it up with old and new. Here are a few favorites:

-Those steel wire dining chairs are sold out from Terrain, but lucky for you, I found their original source HERE and they make the stools too. 
 - To get the cowhide rug look without the REAL cow, here is our favorite alternative in a FAUX COW HIDE RUG. These are amazing and come in different colors!

The copper paneling on those cabinets are so fabulous. 
I love these pendant lights for an easy copper fix:

Imagine dropping these copper pendants in this white kitchen below! Swoon...

How simple yet stylish is this white kitchen. The lamps on the counter are a fun idea. Love the X detail on the end cabinet panel. Honed marble countertops are always a good idea in my book. 

Does this kitchen not exude French Patisserie fabulousness. Imagine waking up every morning to croissants and espresso in this space everyday??


Oh and did I mention those ah-mazing pendant lights come in different colors! Like "hello YELLOW!!"

The Industrial European vibe is just so cool and romantic. 

I love the simple cabinetry and wood color in this kitchen. Some kitchens just look better with warm tones and mixing grey colors with wood tones is an amazing way to modernize any space.

Which one can you see yourself living in? 
I have to say the last photo is my favorite.

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