Friday, November 20, 2015

America's Top Model {Homes}

The new home arena has taken home design to a new level this year. Model homes used to be jam packed with heavy custom drapery, tons of knick-knacks and plenty of painted focal walls. Buyers today are taking design cues from social sites like Houzz and Pinterest and coming to the showing with big expectations. What are the trends for new construction? As professional merchandisers, we stay on high alert for new home trends in design. Based on buyer feedback, we take copious notes on short term vs. long term design trends. Regardless of budget, I like to look to America's most gorgeous model homes for the best examples of these trends. And with some creative due diligence, we can all take this major inspiration with us when creating our own fabulous home.

Here is one of my absolute favorite homes of 2015. In fact, it's in my top 10 favorite homes ever. From the amazing Utah Valley Parade of Homes, this home, built by McEwan Custom homes, was decorated by Alice Lane Home. This unbelievably gorgeous home shows off some of today's top trends in home design. Here's a look inside and out...


Black windows are a strong trend in new homes. Taking inspiration from steel windows, fiberglass and vinyl windows trimmed in black with untraditional mullions are a budget friendly alternative.

Custom stained wood floors are a popular request for today's buyer. There are plenty of alternatives to expensive custom flooring and the good news is, from dark stains to light, the trend is to make your own own style.

Mixed cabinet colors are a hot topic in kitchen design. Grey and white are a safe bet and if you're investing in a new kitchen, you should get on board with unlacquered brass finishes. If you're still not ready to commit to the brass vibe, make sure you design with the ability to switch your hardware later.

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback and shows itself most in small bathrooms and unexpected places like the laundry or pantry. It's a great way to add personality to your space without creating a big removal project when it's time to make a change.

Unique hardware is coming on strong. This is great way to give big box cabinetry a custom look.

Free standing tubs are replacing the big jacuzzi tubs. Those big jacuzzis seemed like a great idea until you had to fill the tub. I love how the decorative screen in this bathroom creates a major wow factor.

Not ready to go all brass? Mix it up with a combination of gold, silver and black. 

Don't forget the ceiling! As if this room wasn't fabulous enough, the wallpapered ceiling takes it to a new height!

Decorative framed mirrors are the way to go in every bathroom. From Homegoods to Horchow, the options are endless for a great mirror. I also love this example of simple staging in the bathroom,

I love how a simple striped towel can go a long way in styling a space. 

 {Shop this towel, and hook}

Built ins have never looked so good. I just love the white on white with book styling and pops of brass. Simply stunning.

All photos via Alice Lane Home Blog.

And last but not least, the most amazing backyard ever. That slide is the icing on the cake.

To see this home with details, visit the blog of Alice Lane Home. It is so impressive and chock-full of ideas for the home. They also have an amazing store where you can find the most stylish decor. Some truly talented people there.

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