Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Our budding new relationship with tile.

It seems like a long time coming that pattern and color start to take center stage in the bathroom and the kitchen. It's certainly tricky to pull off and especially when it's time to sell your house. For now, since I just sold my house and ready to start making selections for my new house, I'm so inspired by the patterned tile infusion in the design world. It has me like...."WHOA!"

Just have to share some of my favorite inspiration photos.

This is actually a waterproof wallpaper but LOVE it!

If you love colorful, patterned tiles, you have to check out one of my favorite new resources called Popham Designs. (Available through Ann Sacks collection called "Paccha") Their website is insane and you can search by color, collection or by rooms in the gallery. I am obsessed and cannot wait to use a few of these collections in my new house.

GAH. So much fabulousness happening here.

Photos via the Popham website. Serious, go there!

If you are selling or thinking about selling but you just have to get your fun pattern on, 
you can always go for the rug version. :)

What do you guys think? Are you ready for this new relationship with tile? 
Or are you scared to commit?

- sf

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