Sunday, November 15, 2015

Solving The Arched Window Dilemma

Beautiful windows can be a major selling feature in a home. It seems as though, the more windows you have, the better. Nothing is more fabulous than huge windows in the bedroom. Great light, romantic ambiance, and elongated decor makes for a pretty major space. What could be the downside?

All of this fabulousness does however come with quite a challenge. What do you do for a window treatment? The answer is much easier when the window is in the family room or the dining room, yet when it's in the bedroom, the function of the window becomes a big factor.

We recently completed a renovation for a client who had a perfect example of the arched window challenge. We started with the room being used as an office.

In an effort to extend the walk-in closet, a custom closet design along this wall will wrap around the exterior wall of the walk-in closet.

Closed off the door (on the left) which led to the living room.

The biggest challenge was how to design a window treatment for this huge window.

 Keeping in mind that the client prefers a very dark room when sleeping, we could not do shutters because even when closed, the light slips through the cracks. I'm not a fan of the arched accordian blinds so that was not a suggestion. Long drapes look nice but require a lot of pulling, tugging and arranging every time you want to open or close them.
{No to shutters}

So, here was the plan. A custom designed cornice to fit perfectly snug to the ceiling.
The cornice was cut from the bottom to it's highest point allowing the window to show through but hide a long roller shade tucked under the cornice.

This shot is hard to see but photo on the left is the roller shade mounted between the cornice and the window. We also added a little valance on the back side of the roller so that you can't see it from the exterior of the house through the window.

The drape panels are actually velcro attached to the cornice. 

I die over this Schumacher Trim on linen. It is truly stunning!

Here it is in action with the remote black out shade.
With a click of the remote control, the shade drops down almost to the floor.
Sorry it's so dark!

Here's the finished product. It turned out gorgeous!!

In the other room, the custom closets were installed.

Just need the hardware

Here are the windows BEFORE

Here are the windows AFTER.
This room becomes a dressing/sitting room.

Recovered and painted the spider-back Henredon chairs

We will eventually get some professional photographs but for now, we're thrilled with the results.
Wait till you see the new bathroom!
Sneak Peek...



Thank you VM. xoxo

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