Saturday, January 2, 2016

Two Design Trends with a Twist: 2016 and Beyond

Welcome 2016! Let's face it, whether you buy into "new year, new you" or not, we all have a room or space in our home we'd like to rejuvenate. For some of us, a new house build, a full remodel, or a new kitchen is on the books. Regardless of your budget, it's important to find a design that has some longevity (at least 5 years), otherwise you'll find yourself re-visiting the same space before you know it.

How do you sift through the short-term trends and decide on a scheme that merges your personal
style and functionality with the excitement of new design elements? In order to successfully navigate these design waters, you'll simply need to find your inspiration and then ask yourself a couple of questions;

  • Does this design have a neutral backdrop(walls/tile/floor) or is the backdrop on trend for today's style? {You may need to tweak a couple of your ideas to ensure longevity with your new design. Be careful of creating permanence with trendy elements. Keep trends in the forefront of your space, with neutrals as a backdrop.
  • Does this design accomodate how we use the space or does it exist as "that's the way I always see it in other homes." {Try to pay attention to how much function your new design has in your real life. Simply because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean it works for you. Put your money in smart functionality with great style.

Here's a look at a strong trend for 2016 and a stand-out from 2015 that may need some tweaking to avoid wearing out its welcome.

Say "good-bye" to the standard stainless steel package in the kitchen. Forward thinking kitchens are mixing metals and still looking strong with copper and unlacquered brass. If you're all set with your appliances, you can mix in some metals through lighting, cabinet hardware and barstools.

Obviously, a 10-20k price range is not in everyone's budget however, this kitchen trend is coming in strong with most manufacturers. Whirlpool is launching their Sunset Bronze color,.
This one under $700 from GE Artistry has a sleek black look with a simple clock on the back splash.

Upfront controls on a range always give a more expensive look. The key to longevity here is sticking to a neutral backdrop and mixing it up with accents in the forefront (rugs, accessories, island color).

Brass faucets, oil rubbed bronze, stainless, industrial lighting and sleek marble. All used in harmony.

{With 2016 a TWIST}
Sliding barn style doors were one of the hottest PINs going for 2015 and many people have an install in progress however, (I say that quietly so not to get snowballs thrown at me) in order to keep this trend going strong, use this style of door sparingly and on low traffic doors. If you have small kids, need privacy or lack wall space, this style of door is probably not going to be a great choice. 
Here's a great example of a sliding door functioning in a tight space.

The 2016 spin on this rustic vibe is to continue using beautiful aged wood, industrial and unique architectural elements, mixed within a polished and updated home. Here are some inspiring examples

If you find a fabulous antique door, I suggest you snatch it up and find a fit. Talk about adding character that you'll never tire of! And no worries about a knick or scratch. 

Such a smart idea to use natural wood shutters and paneled doors on the exterior. For walls that have an awkward amount of blank space, simply installing a faux door or panels creates a great look.


Many of the above photos are from the website portfolio of Vintage South Development. They are a firm out of Nashville, quite killing it with amazing homes, chock full of inspiration. Follow them here on Instagram and make sure to look through all of the houses on their site. Seriously, it will get you so jazzed for decorating in 2016.

Cheers to a new start and creating spaces filled with meaningful people and thoughtful decor.

For starters, I just might add this in the office.

xoxo Cheers.

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