Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Getting That "Sold Out" Vibe

When it comes to trends, home decor and fashion follow each other like two best friends. As a professional home merchandiser, I always study what's trending in fashion to elevate our staging tactics with a hint of "what's happening now". It's easy to spot really, simply open the JCrew catalog or check your latest fashion purchases to inspire your next room update.

Speaking of "checks", here's a great example of what I'm talking about.
Exhibit A:  These gingham flats from JCrew for Spring are so stinkin' cute. Go online and guess what... SOLD OUT.

Well that's a major bummer. However, if like me, you're obsessed with shoes and decorating, I'm thinking we can take this trend and have some fun. And if you're selling your home, why not infuse that "Sold Out" vibe directly into your home staging strategy?

How to incorporate gingham into the house without looking like the Country Store down the road?
Here are a few ideas that give me the same warm and fuzzy I get when I see those those little flats.

How about this floor tile? This is so fabulous!!!

I love this image below for staging beds. Simple white bedding with a patterned throw. 

Give gingham a go with a couple of these pillows.

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Wonder if this could work in a luxury home?
Looks like YES!

Always remember, keep trends subtle when you're selling. Pillows, a throw, a small rug or accessory will go a long way in your staging scheme. Just not sure if you can pull it off?  Let's discuss!

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