Thursday, April 20, 2017

Brimfield Flea Market Style

Flea market style is a staple in the design arena. Whether mixing industrial elements into modern style or creating a shabby chic vibe, most of us love the rush that comes from the "hunt" for the perfect piece. Walking around a huge flea market is such a fun creative outlet. Every year I try to head to Brimfield Antique Show (Massachusetts) and at least get a full day of design inspiration. Since it's coming up next month, I thought I'd start getting ramped up with my shopping plan.
Last year,  I was wrapping up building my house so I went with a short list of key items I wanted to find. I was looking for a dining table that was 9ft long and narrow. Voila... I found just the thing.

The past few years I've gone, I always take a bunch of pics and think I'll do a post but then I never do. So here it is. In case you've ever thought about going, here's a peek into the world of Brimfield. If you're lucky, you might bump into Nate Berkus or Joanna Gaines. If you're really lucky, you'll bump into the perfect piece you never knew you needed.

 (My table)

FLEA MARKET SHOPPING {What to know, before you go.}

  1.  Walk through your house or space and make notes of the spots you want to decorate and measure the area so you know what will fit. I always write the minimum and maximum size of what I'd like to find.
  2. Bring cash and then add some back-up cash just in case. The ATM is usually a long walk and the fees are high.
  3. Clean out your car in preparation for bringing back randomness you never imagined you'd buy.
  4. Dress weather appropriate and wear comfy shoes. You will walk in dirt for miles.
  5. If you're planning to buy something large, estimate the cost of getting the item to where it needs to go and factor that into your budget.
  6. Get there super early on first day to find the really good stuff. If you really want a strategy to beat the likes of Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger store buyers, you should research the map and go to the hot spots first. And bring your wallet. :)
  7. If you're a Designer or business owner, some booths will give you an extra discount. Don't be afraid to ask.
  8. Bring a back-up phone charger and a rolling cart or backpack. Carrying your handbag is a huge pain (literally). 
  9. Young kids will likely not be able to hang in there. It's usually hot or raining and it's a gazillion miles of walking in and out of small spaces. If you want to spend the whole day, I would recommend leaving the kiddos at home. 
  10. There's not many places to eat nearby, actually, there's not much in the area except for traffic. Grab a bite at the food court before you leave. 
Happy hunting!

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